Raccoon attacks woman and dog in SW Portland

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PORTLAND – A Portland woman was attacked by a raccoon right after it attacked her dog Tuesday night.

Chris Conley said she was letting her dogs out around 9:30 p.m. at Southwest 16th Avenue and Southwest Montgomery Street when one of them crossed paths with a raccoon.

She said the raccoon attacked her 7-month-old Shih Tzu, "Rorry," (pictured) near a dumpster just out of her sight. She heard the dog cry out and ran over to find its back leg in the raccoon's mouth.

Conley said instinct kicked in and she grabbed the raccoon by the back of its neck, and that's when it turned on her.

The animal bit her more than a dozen times in the arms and legs before someone nearby spooked it off.

“I mean, it came at me. It would not stop. It was relentless. I’m bit 15 times or something. I mean, on my hip, my legs my arm,” she said.

Conley went to the hospital and got a rabies vaccination, as well as shots by each bite mark.

“Rorry” was treated for bites to its leg, nose and forehead.

Wildlife officials say raccoon attacks are rare, and they can't do much about them.