Dangers of watching fireworks while driving

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- It's a warning we hear every Fourth of July holiday: Don't drink and drive. But this year, DPS has an additional warning for drivers: Don't try to stop and watch fireworks while you're driving!

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is reminding all drivers that they are not allowed to stop along state highways, including Phoenix-area freeways, to watch fireworks displays on the Fourth of July.

Every year, DPS officers respond to numerous crashes along the Loop 202 Red Mountain Freeway before and during the Tempe Town Lake fireworks display.

These crashes are caused by motorists slowing or stopping along the Loop 202 freeway to watch the fireworks from Tempe Town Lake. DPS says it's important to maintain a constant flow of traffic during this event, and for drivers to remain alert and attentive to traffic conditions.

DPS will have numerous patrol cars and motor officers patrolling that particular stretch of freeway tomorrow, looking for motorists who are impeding traffic by either slowing down or stopping on the freeway or the shoulder to watch fireworks.

DPS will also be conducting extra enforcement along the Loop 101 freeway in Glendale to ensure motorists do not stop or slow on the freeway to watch the fireworks display planned for the Westgate area.

DPS and the Arizona Department of Transportation strongly encourage drivers not to stop or slow before, during or after any fireworks shows that can be seen from any freeway system. Safe driving will help ensure that everyone has a great holiday.