Guests at nudist resort know how to keep cool

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NEW RIVER, Ariz. -- Everywhere you look at Shangri La there's hot bodies.

"We may be nudists but we're by no means idiots," said Manager Patty Faber.

In fact, Faber says going nude is smart in the summer because it helps them keep cool.

"The warmer it gets everybody goes what are you guys going to do? Well same thing we do everyday.  We're going to take our clothes off and get in the pool if it's comfortable enough," said Faber.

Clothing is optional, but when it's 100 plus degrees outside there's really no option for Jim Jensen .

"We just don't like to wear clothes it's as simple as that," said Jensen.

While most guests aren't wearing clothes they do wear lots of sun screen because of skin cancer.

"We are more cognizant of it than most other people are," said Faber.

Other guests hide from the heat inside playing pool, while outside people are back to playing in the pool.

On July 13 management at the resort, which is in New River just north of Phoenix, is inviting guests to participate in the World Skinny Dip contest.

They hope to have 300 people in the resort's two pools.