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Keep Pets SAFE in the Heat
As the temperatures climb in the Valley of the Sun, Maricopa County Animal Care & Control urges pet owners to keep their animals SAFE.

S - Stay indoors.  If at all possible, pets should be kept indoors and out of the heat.  Older dogs, puppies and breeds with short noses (Bulldogs, Pugs, Lhasa Apsos, etc) are especially sensitive to the heat.  If your dog absolutely must stay outside, make sure he has shelter and water. Unlike dog houses, tree shade allows for air to move and circulate.  Ensure that shade is available throughout the ENTIRE day and not just during morning hours.

A - Always provide plenty of fresh water.  Keep water in a non-metal, spill proof bowl.  Add ice cubes to the water to keep it cool

F - Forget about going for hikes and other strenuous activities. Asphalt becomes very hot and can burn your pet's paws. Limit walks with your dogs during the very early or late evening hours.  Keep in mind that dogs with light fur and pink noses are susceptible to sunburn. If you apply sunscreen to your pet, make sure it is pet-safe.

E - Educate yourself on the signs of heat stress in dogs.  Heavy panting, rapid pulse, glazed eyes, vomiting, and lethargy are all signs of heat stress.  If your pet is overheated, find a cool area and try to lower his body temperature as soon as possible.  Apply towels soaked in cool (not cold) water to his armpits, groin area, paws, and back of the neck.  Take your pet to the veterinarian immediately!


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