3OYS: Phoenix woman stuck with $460 satellite TV bill

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Tina DellaCave is a busy woman who's turned her passion for sewing into a business.

But, in her downtime, she likes to watch Italian television.

"I am Italian, and I love to be an Italian. You know, what's going on in Italy, the news, everything."

And because Dish Network offers Italian channels, DellaCave had it installed at the Phoenix home that she used to rent.

DellaCave says Dish Network was great but she eventually moved out of that rental house and asked Dish to suspend her account temporarily.

"I told them, I said, until, you know, I find another house, you know, I'm going to keep it on hold," she said.

DellaCave wound up moving in with relatives, and for the past 15 months, her Dish Network account has been on hold.

So, she was shocked when she received a bill recently from Dish saying her account had been reactivated at that rental house in which she used to live.

"They told me that I'm responsible for it.," she said.

The bill was for $436. But DellaCave didn't understand. She had paid it in full before she suspended her account and she had no idea how the account was reactivated at a home in which she no longer resides.

So, DellaCave contacted 3 On Your Side, and we got a hold of Dish.

They looked into the matter, and although they didn't provide any details, they waived the entire bill.

DellaCave says it's a weight off her shoulders and says she couldn't have done it without 3 On Your Side.

“Thank you guys, you did a great job," she said.

3 On Your Side appreciates Dish network's quick involvement and resolution.