Outdoor jobs don't stop for summer

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By Sarah Blais By Sarah Blais

PHOENIX -- In this relentless heat, sometimes we forget that other people are unable to escape it.

People with outdoor jobs, such as groundskeepers and construction workers, have to work rain or, particuarly this time of year, shine.

Marshall Jennings, the head groundskeeper at Salt River Fields, explains how his crew survives the hot weather.

"Our day starts at 5 in the morning and usually wraps up at 1:30," Jennings said. "We get the majority of work done before the heat of the day."

Even though they're getting work done when it's cooler, they still have to deal with the sun.

"We drink lots of water, and guys are wearing full-brim hats," Jennings said. "Some wear long-sleeve shirts and pants."

In Phoenix, construction workers abide by the same hydration tips, and are sure to take frequent breaks.

"The boss don't like that too much, but we do it anyway," laughed construction worker Jim Crowley.

His boss, Steve Trainor, makes sure to prepare the workers mentally and physically for tackling an intense summer by giving pep talks and making sure everyone drinks enough water.

"You always end up with somebody macho, saying 'oh I don't need that'... well, yeah, you do!" said Trainor.

"We keep an eye on each other and stay hydrated, that's the most important thing," Jennings said.