Doce Fire updated for people at community meeting

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PRESCOTT, Ariz. -- From several days of seeking refuge from the Doce Fire, to seeking information about it, John and Angie Mazella were among a few dozen people at a community meeting at Prescott High School Sunday.

"I can't believe how much it spread in one day, and how little it spread after that," Angie Mazella said.

The Mazellas were forced to leave their home as the fire closed in about a mile away. Fortunately, they made it out OK and so did their belongings.

"The worst part is that we had to get our valuables," she said. "You have to say to yourself, 'What is valuable?' I honestly couldn't think of what was valuable."

"There was this huge plume of smoke coming right in the southwest direction from our house and I said, 'There was something wrong with that plume.' It didn't look like a controlled burn and it was getting bigger and bigger and bigger," John Mazella added.

But at the meeting, officials announced that they don't expect the Doce Fire to grow anymore and that they should have it completely wrangled by Wednesday.

"We owe these guys, and girls, a tribute for the incredible work they did and I just want to be here, all the sheriff's deputies, the fire people," John said.

Officials also explained to people that the evacuations are now lifted, and how they'll rehabilitate the wilderness, erasing the fire lines they were forced to cut. Another point made was that homeowners can call an appraiser to find out whether their property lost value. If it did, it's possible to get a break on their property taxes this year.