Customer satisfaction survey results

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PHOENIX -- It looks like consumers might be in a better mood because they're getting better service.

When it comes to flying, the American Customer Satisfaction Index found passengers were happier for the second straight year. Travelers were most satisfied with the ease of making a reservation and the check-in process, both of which can mostly be done online

When it comes to the customer experience, seat comfort scored the lowest.

No surprise, passengers hit with extra fees were less satisfied than those who avoided the additional charges.

As for specific airlines, Jet Blue was the leader of the pack, followed closely by Southwest.

All those travelers need a place to stay. Marriott and Hilton scored the best.

As with flying, the check-in and reservation processes were the best part of hotel-goers' experiences. They were least satisfied with the quality of food services available at their hotels.

Americans love eating out. When it comes to full-service chains, Olive Garden and Red Lobster edged out the competition in this year's survey. But it was a close race with Applebee’s and Outback Steakhouse also popular with diners.

For people eating on the go, Subway topped this year's list for limited-service restaurants.