Tips for getting a home energy audit

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The Better Business Bureau has released information for consumers when it comes to home energy audits.
During the grueling Arizona summer consumers certainly want to make sure they're not wasting money on their electric bill.  Many opt for home energy audits to help keep cooling costs at a minimum.
However, the Better Business Bureau tells 3 On Your Side hold on just a minute.  They're getting numerous calls from consumers claiming they were duped by so those-called free home energy audits that turn out to be sales pitches.
"Make sure they're certified properly," said Felicia Thompson of the Better Business Bureau. “Check them out with the Better Business Bureau and really also make sure that you understand what a home energy audit is. Understand that typically it's not free and that it will be a detailed comprehensive account of how much energy you use in your home."
The BBB has several tips for consumers looking for a home energy audit.
Ask for proof of their building performance institute certification or residential energy services network information.
Beware of energy saving claims such as it will lower your bill by 40 percent or it'll save you 50 percent on gas and electric.
Confirm with your utility company that rebates offered are valid and contact a tax advisor regarding federal or state tax credits.
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