BYOB In Under Three: 3 Minute Party Drink Recipes

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Here are a couple of great drink recipes for your next party.  First up, I will show you two drink ideas, one for the adults and one for the kids.  I will also include instructions for two mock cocktails (made without alcohol) that are both made with lime that include a nonalcoholic Mojito from wiki how and a healthy Ginger Lime Mocktail that I found on the gluten free website,  All of these drinks can made in three minutes or less.  I love that!
A huge thank you to my gal pal Lisa Gylling with Popcorn Served Daily on YouTube for the tasty and easy limeade recipes that I will show first.  If you like the colorful set-up I show in the segment, I found the coordinating set of pretty plastic party glasses, tray, table cloth and ice bucket at Party City. Another good place to find party supplies is the Dollar Store.
One fun idea to complement these lime drinks....make lime ice cubes with lime juice for a little extra lime kick.  Now let's make these easy drinks.
First up, let's make a tasty and super easy lime rita...
Recipe #1:  For The Adults:  Luscious Limeade Margarita by the pitcher:
What You Need:
1 can of frozen limeade
6 oz tequila
1 16 oz. can of beer....I used a Lite beer to reduce calories
margarita salt
lime slices to garnish
What You Do:
1.  Using large pitcher, combine limeade, tequila and beer.   Mix well.
2.  Rim margarita glass with salt and pour drink in glass.  Garnish with lime wedge and straw.  
This yummy margarita truly tastes like you used a blender, even though you didn't.  I love the simplicity and the flavor of this crowd-pleasing lime cocktail.  
Now let's use our limeade to make a kid-friendly cherry limeade drink that some of your adult guests with a sweet tooth may also enjoy at your fun summer party.

Recipe #2:  For the Kids:  Cherry Limeade by the Pitcher
What You Need:
1 can of frozen limeade
2 Liters Sprite or Sprite Zero
1 1/2 cups Juicy Juice Cherry Juice
Cherries & lime slices for garnish
What You Do:
1.  Combine frozen limeade, Sprite and cherry juice in a big pitcher.  Mix well.
2.  Pour over ice into serving glasses and garnish with two cherries and one lime wedge.
Now let's make two mocktails for adults who would enjoy a nonalcoholic drink at your gathering.  The first one is a healthy beverage from a gluten free recipe website that I like called  Her Ginger Lime Cocktail is easy to make and is packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C.  You gotta love that.  Here is her recipe for a refreshing Ginger Lime Mocktail....
Recipe #3:  Sugar Free Ginger Lime Mocktail For Two ...
What You Need:
1/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
1 teaspoon zested ginger
12 drops of stevia
18 oz of sparkling water
What You Do:
1.  Combine all ingredients in a small pitcher and stir.
2.  Pour over ice into two cocktail glasses.
3.  Garnish with lime wedges and serve.
And last but not least, and not as healthy as the Ginger Lime Mocktail, but quite tasty is the nonalcoholic Mojito...
Recipe #4:  Non Alcoholic Mojito Made In A Jar....
What You Need:
Mint Leaves
Club Soda or Sprite (your choice)
Lime Juice
What You Do:
1.  Wet the top of the glass jar's rim with lime juice and dip sugar on the rim to create a frosted look.
2.  Muddle two of the mint leaves, some sugar and a dash of lime juice in the bottom of the glass.
3.  Fill the glass with lots of ice and top with club soda or Sprite.
4.  Garnish the top with a mint leaf and enjoy!
So there you go, you now have a pitcher of cherry limeade for the kids, a pitcher of margaritas for the adults, along with options of a healthy Ginger Lime Mocktail for your guests with gluten free needs and a tasty Mojito Mocktail for folks, too.  Your party is ready to rock.  
For more fun summer recipe ideas don't forget to check out my gal pal's Popcorn Served Daily You Tube page at  And be sure visit my blog at for more shared great gal pal ideas that help us manage our manic lives.  Here's to some manic free days this summer.  Cheers!