Prescott camps miles from fire, but not in danger

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PRESCOTT -- Camps in Prescott are carefully watching fire conditions as dozens of campers are currently staying miles from where the Doce Fire is burning.

At this point, no camps currently in session have been evacuated, according to a spokesman with Yavapai Emergency Management.

“It’s scary. You never know if there’s going to be a wind change,” said Michelle Miller from Chandler. Her son is currently at Camp Daisy and Harry Stein, 10 miles from the fire.

Camp Stein Director Brian Mitchell told 3TV Tuesday night the camp is out of harm’s way, and the 130 campers from the Valley are safe.

“The kids are fine,” Mitchell said. “There is absolutely no need for (parents) to worry because we are in touch with local officials….whatever they want us to do, obviously we will follow their lead.”

Mitchell said, as of Tuesday, their campsite was free of smoke. It’s estimated 130 campers from the Valley are currently there.

Meanwhile, about 140 Girl Scouts are currently camping at Willow Springs, just five miles from the fire.

“From what I understand, they can see smoke, but the fire is going in the opposite direction,” said Susan de Queljoe, a spokeswoman for Girl Scouts of Arizona Cactus-Pine.

She told 3TV the Willow Springs camp director has been in close contact with Emergency Management, but, as of now, there’s no reason to evacuate or worry.

“We’re really in the best hands we can be in,” de Queljoe said. “They’re the ones who would get the girls and staff out, but the girls are okay.”

According to de Queljoe, the camp director was slightly concerned about some of the campers with asthma, so they were told to stay inside.

The wildfire is not currently affecting The Valley of the Sun's Sky Y Camp or Chauncey Ranch camp, campers or staff at either location. Staff members said they are monitoring the fire closely and are in continuous communication with Forestry Services and local officials. There is a comprehensive emergency response plan in place that can be activated instantly when and if needed.

Spokespeople from Camp Pinerock and Friendly Pines Camp also told 3TV their sites were safe and out of danger.