Loaded Nachos

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

2 oz. Chips, prepared (approx. 20 chips)
3 oz. Beans, prepared
3 oz. Spinach Con Queso
1 oz. Guacamole
1 oz. Sour Cream
½ oz. Pico de Gallo
3 oz. Chicken Fajita Meat
3 oz. Carne Asada Meat

Place 2 oz. chips in a small bowl.

Spoon 3 oz. of beans evenly over the chips.

Spoon 3 oz. of spinach con queso over the beans and run through the oven.

Place 3 oz. of grilled chicken fajita or carne asada meat evenly over the queso.

Spoon 1 oz. of sour cream and 1 oz. of guacamole in the middle of the nachos and top with ½ oz. pico de gallo.

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