Glendale PD: Man fatally shoots friend while playing video games

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Joe Colter By Andrew Michalscheck Joe Colter By Andrew Michalscheck

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Glendale police arrested a man this week after he allegedly shot and killed his friend while they were joking around.

Police said they responded to an apartment complex near 55th Avenue and Camelback Road on Wednesday night after receiving word that someone had been shot.

Officers arrived and spoke with four people, one of whom was identified 20-year-old Joe Colter.

Colter told police that he had shot his friend and that he was in need of medical assistance.

Police entered the apartment and found the man suffering from a gunshot wound to his upper right chest and shoulder area.

The man was given emergency medical care and was rushed to the hospital, but he eventually died.

While investigating the incident, police said Colter told them that he and his friends were hanging out playing video games when he and the victim began joking with one another.

Colter said part of the joking revolved around his 9mm handgun, which he had in his back pocket at the time.

Colter reportedly told investigators that he took the gun out of his pocket and racked the slide behind his back, assuming that the chambered round would be ejected.

Colter said he mistakenly left the magazine in the gun, so when he racked the slide he moved another round into the chamber.

Colter pointed the gun at his friend assuming it wouldn’t fire a bullet, but when he pulled the trigger he wound up shooting his friend.

Police said Colter told them that he had purchased the gun on the website  in order to protect himself.

He allegedly admitted that he had never owned a gun before, and had never been formally trained to use a firearm. He also said he had fired the gun at a shooting range just once.

According to police, the other witnesses said Colter and the victim were friends and the shooting was not brought on by any sort of disagreement.

Colter is now facing a manslaughter charge.