Silver Apple 2012-2013 Alvina Green, Granite Mountain Middle School

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PHOENIX -- Watching out for students who need help, Mrs. Green is constantly on the move. Her pre-algebra students feel her buzz around the classroom excited for math.

They also can expect one other denominator of her class at Granite Mountain Middle School: her smile. Green says humor works wonders with 7th graders, but she never takes her eyes off the ball.

For Green, math is a necessity. She has a true since of the value of her subject.

"It's really important that the know how to use math in real life," explained Green. "That's the most important thing."

A lot of teachers avoid middle school. Pre-teens and teens together can be overwhelming. Green, however, embraces the adolescent energy in Prescott. She has plenty of experience working the the unique stage her 12- to 13-year-olds are living. As a mother of four, Green has seen it all, including working with a child who has a learning disability.

"I saw the struggles he went through," explained Green. "I wanted to be that person to be able to help those other students that didn't necessarily have things come easy to them."

Her easy-going yet structured class is why Analizeth Aranda nominated her for the Silver Apple Award. Aranda appreciated the time Green spends with students to make sure everyone understands the lesson. Relating to her audience is also important to Green and Aranda nominated her for her teaching, but also fashion sense.

Green is one of only eight Arizona teachers to receive the Silver Apple Award during the 2012-2013 school year. Along with her school celebrity status, Green also received a check for $500 from sponsor ACE Home Services.