HOTLINE: Wednesday, June 12

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 The Salvation Army Hydration Stations

Volunteers are needed to provide water, sunscreen, and other relief services. Those interested in volunteering can go to: Volunteers will be needed through-out the summer on extreme heat advisory days. 
Hydration Stations are located at:
o SW corner 16th St. and Jefferson (East Lake Park)
o NE corner 3rd Ave. and Fillmore
o 35th Ave. and Roosevelt (Falcon Park)
o SW Corner 5th St. and Hatcher
The Salvation Army Corps Locations:
o Phoenix Central Corps: 4343 N. 16th St., Phoenix, 85016
o Phoenix Maryvale Corps: 4318 W. Clarendon Ave., Phoenix, 85031
o Glendale Corps: 6010 W. Northern Ave., Glendale, 85301
o Chandler Corps: 85 E. Saragosa St., Chandler, 85225
o Mesa Corps: 241 E. 6th St., Mesa, 85201
o Estrella Mtn. Corps: 11 N. 3rd Ave., Avondale, 85323
o Tempe Corps: 40 E. University Dr., Tempe, 85281
The Salvation Army will be collecting bottled water (8-16.9 oz) throughout the summer. Individuals interested in donating can deliver water to 2707 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ 85008. Contact Abby Rolfs at 602.267.4170 regarding donation information.
Roosevelt School District No.66 hiring
The interviews will take place at the District Office Board Room, 6000 South 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85042
Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 9:00am - 3:00pm
Principals will be on site for interviews. Openings for the following positions:
Early Childhood: Preschool, Head Start, Kindergarten
1st - 8th Grade
Language Arts, Math, Music, Social Studies, Science
Special Needs
Art, Computer, Dance
Apply before the job fair @ and upload the following
documents: Current AZ Teaching Certificate, Fingerprint Clearance Card,
3 letters of recommendation, Transcripts
Computers will be available on site.
Royal Baby Promotion
The english rose tea room in carefree, Arizona is getting excited about the royal baby.
It'll have a 30-dollar tea on june twenty-first, from 10 to 4 with chances to win souvenirs and sign a baby book that will be sent to Kate.
they're also encouraging people to bring diapers,  baby clothes and gear that they'll donate to U-Mom New Day Center in Phoenix.
Father's Day Special at AZ Science Center
FREE admission for dads and granddads at the Arizona Science Center on Father's Day - June 16, 2013. The Science Center is located at 600 E. Washington St, Phoenix, 85004.
Real Estate Conference
Flip Phoenix featuring John Ray from "Property Wars" will be held on June 13, from 6 to 7 pm. at ASU SkySong in the Convergence Room: 1475 N. Scottsdale Rd in Scottsdale. The event is FREE but are RSVP's required. You can RSVP at Property Wars airs on the Discovery Channel, Thursday nights at 7 pm.
QUEEN OF CLEAN SEGMENT-Microwave cleaning and deodorizing
Some of us actually cook in our microwaves and most of us use it to warm things and do microwave in the bag foods.  Somehow, the microwave always seems to get dirty and smelly.   Here's some ways to eliminate the problem easily.
QUICK CLEAN:  Take a wet dishcloth or sponge and place it in the center of your microwave.  Turn on high and allow the cloth to "cook" for about 1 minute.  The steam that this creates will help loosen any hardened spills and you can use the heated cloth to wipe the inside out.  A note of caution:  Remember the cloth/sponge will be hot so allow it to cool prior to handling.  It is a great way to disinfect the cloth or sponge too.  
CLEANING and DEODORIZING:  Place a bowl of water with slices of one lemon or several tablespoons of lemon juice in the microwave and bring to a bowl.  Let boil for at least one minute, being sure it doesn't bowl dry, and leave in the oven for at least 30 minutes with the door closed.  Then remove and wipe out the oven using the warm lemon juice in the bowl and a soft cloth or sponge.   
BURNED ON FOOD:  Follow the cleaning and deodorizing instructions using either the lemon juice or white vinegar in its place.  Once you have allowed the solution to sit for 30 minutes, dip a sponge or cloth in the liquid and then into baking soda to remove the crusty food.  Rinse well. 
ODOR:  The cleaning and deodorizing method will remove most odors, however sometimes you have a real problem, like burned popcorn.  Nothing smells worse.  Try one of these methods to remove stubborn odors.  Put about a ½ cup of warm water into a dish and add 3 Tablespoons of Vanilla Extract.  Bring to a boil.  Shut off the microwave and allow this to sit overnight without opening the door.  The odor should be gone in the morning.  Wipe out microwave with a damp cloth and you are done. 
STUBBORN BURNED FOOD ODOR:  Sometimes you have to bring out the big guns especially for really smelly burned food in the microwave.  That's when ODORZOUT comes in handy.  It is a natural odor eliminator, safe for food prep areas.  It will actually absorb the odor without covering it up.  Sit a plate with a thin layer of Odorzout on it in the microwave.  Allow to sit overnight.  For difficult odors, like burned fish or popcorn, you may need to repeat this several times.  Toss the used Odorzout down the drain or disposal to deodorize it.