Facebook can be used to drain your bank account

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

The Zeus Trojan first discovered in 2007 is making a resurgence and the only thing it wants is your online banking information. In the past, phishing scams in your Inbox was the most common way to get infected, but today the cyber thieves are setting up rigged Facebook pages to exploit people.

If your computer isn't kept up to date, all it takes is a single click to allow this silent thief to sneak into your computer. Once it’s in, it sits in the background waiting for you to go to your online bank website and springs into action by recording all your keystrokes. 

It's called keylogging and it's one of the most dangerous things that can happen to any of us online.

There are no obvious signs that you are infected, so if you aren't really good at keeping your computer updated and you haven't had a certified tech look at it in a while, you may want to use your smartphone or tablet for online banking until you do.

Since the approach is to use Facebook to infect, be very careful who you accept friend requests from as they can try to trick you that way as well. Any link you see anywhere on Facebook that has broken English, bad grammar or horrible punctuation should be viewed with extreme caution; the folks behind the current attacks are said to be an organized crime group in Russia.

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