Bathroom safety

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PHOENIX -- Bathroom Safety is important for all ages, especially for the elderly, children and people with injuries or disabilities.

Installing safety grab bars in the shower:

Step 1-Find studs by using a stud finder above tile or bath or shower enclosure and follow the line down to desired location.

Step 2-Using a diamond drill bit, starting with the bit tilted at a 45 degree angle (to bite the tile) angle up slowly until straight up and down, do not apply too much pressure to avoid cracking the tile.

*Add water frequently to drill bit while drilling to keep drill bit cool

Step 3-Screw through grab bar ring, through tile, through drywall the. Into the stud for a safe, secure, dependable aid.

There are also all different types of safety devices that make great additions to any bathroom:

Toilet paper assist bar combo (for those that use the toilet paper holder to lean on when getting up)
Self closing toilet seats (save those fingers)

NEW SUCTION CUP GRAB BARS and regular grab bars of all sizes and in all finishes. Pivoting and stationary show and bath SEATS!

Non slip aids as well and much, much more!

The bathroom can be a DANGER ZONE! We are trying to help ensure everyone is safe!