Extreme heat means busy air conditioning companies

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- Those needing air conditioning repairs or installation are waiting days to get that work done.

That's because our extreme heat is taking a toll on air conditioners forcing some A/C companies to work 24/7 and some customers still have to wait days for cool relief.

Keith Kittrell with Parker & Sons Heating & Cooling says they often do same day service for preferred customers, while new customers may have to wait up to a couple of days for repairs. 

He says getting a new A/C unit installed also takes a few days as his 22 installation crews try to catch up with the demand.

That's why Randy and Kathleen Bea are facing a long hot weekend after their A/C unit kicked the bucket Thursday.  The Beas say they'll seek relief in the shade of their backyard and in the cool water of their swimming pool until Parker & Sons can install a new unit Monday. 

The company did set up two small portable cooling units to help the Beas and their three pups deal with the hot wait.  Those small units are keeping the bedroom cooled to around 84 degrees and Randy says that allowed him and his wife to sleep while their old A/C unit sits idle on the roof. 

Still, both the Beas & their hot hounds will be thankful when this weekend is over.

Kittrell says the best way to avoid A/C problems during the hottest and busiest time of the year is to have the unit maintained before the heat hits.