How to avoid car break-downs in the Arizona heat

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- A lot of people are getting ready to head out on their summer vacation, but before you do, make sure you car is checked out first.

Whether you're headed to the Grand Canyon, beach, the mountains, or just a quick getaway, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration wants to make sure your summer road trip is a safe one.

Number one on the hit list for mishaps; tires. With the searing Arizona heat, under inflated and worn tires are a bad combination.

There's still plenty more for motorists to be aware of. Don't forget under the hood. Have your air filters checked, a clogged filter really affects air flow and performance.

Worn out hoses and belts are among other the things keeping mechanics busy at local auto repair shops.  

As for batteries, don't forget to have them checked out too. Al Gutierrez from Inman and Sons repair shop says the heat can really shorten their lifespan. 

"They get a lot of corrosion and a lot of that has to do without humidity that's coming with the monsoon, they're breathing gasses and the lead pieces get very corroded and they could cause your car not to start," said Gutierrez.

Don't forget to have your cooling system checked, keep fluid levels maintained and with the monsoon approaching, don't forget those windshield wiper blades. Anything made of plastic or rubber is at risk of failing.