Make Father's Day Special

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Finding a perfect Father’s Day gift is an important part of this day devoted to Dad. But what about the day itself?  It’s fun to involve the kids to create a day beyond the gift.

I’ve found some great ideas that will make Dad chuckle and more importantly, will make him feel beyond special.

Massage T-Shirt

I love this idea because it’s perfect for the little ones.  Your little toddlers can take part in this and be an active part of the day.

Simply get a plain white t-shirt of Dad’s and some fabric markers (I found mine at a discount store, but every craft shop has them.)  If you don’t have fabric markers, just use regular ones; they just might not last through the wash.

Now, draw a figure 8 road or railroad track on the back of the shirt.  Have the kids add in features such as a lake, trees, buildings etc.  It’s fun.

The experience begins with Dad putting on the t-shirt, lying down with his head comfy on a pillow.  Then the kids take their toy cars or train cars and drive the road on his back, giving him a perfect Father’s Day massage!  Fun!

Candy Bar Card
This one is a blast to do with young and older kids alike.  Start by taking a shopping trip to a discount store that sells individual candy bars.  Start selecting candy packages that could create a message for Dad.   You’ll be surprised how a theme of the message starts to come to you as you shop for the candy.  Then when back home, write out what the message can be before you actually start on the poster board.
Here’s the message you saw on the show but have fun and create a personal message for you:

Dear Dad,
Happy Father’s Day!  We wanted to give you 100 Grand.  But since we don’t have jobs, we don’t have a Payday.  In fact, our bank account is at Zero.  Plus you always say money slips through our Butterfingers, anyway.

You are so important to us that we’d love to give you the world or even the whole Milky Way.  Or, even a trip to New York for a shopping spree.  We didn’t want to get you a Whatchamacallit.  So today we’re not going to bug you at all.  So take a nap, Take Five, get Good and Plenty rest.  And if you snore we promise we won’t Snickers.
Your Sour Patch Kids

The Father’s Day Throne

This can be like a little scavenger hunt around the house as you create a creative throne for dad.  My example used a retro lawn chair, a sunbrella and all the accompaniments like a cooler for his favorite drink, a side table and even a water sprayer that reads, Dad You’re Cool.

Then we added a couple of dollar store items like a palm tree, star balloon and tropical cup.  Plus, using crescent dough, we spelled out a pizza-flavored snack and baked a Dad pizza treat.

And to top it all off, I made a crown out of – what else?  Duct tape!

Dad’s fun right?  Make his day extra special with some simple fun ideas!

Live and Learn.