Sun Devil Summer School: The Complete Course Syllabus

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Sun Devil Summer School is in session.

Over the long, hot summer, Speak of the Devils is bringing you fun and insightful lessons on everything you need to know about Arizona State football: The players, the coaches, the big games, the tradtions and so much more.

Even if you are a newbie to the wonderous world of Sun Devil football, you'll be a PhD by the time the 2013 season kicks off this fall.  

Bookmark this page and check back daily for a new lesson.

Course 1: The Early Legends

Course 2: The Coaches

Course 3: The Stars of the 1950s

Course 4: The Best Teams

Course 5: The Stars of the 1960s

Course 6: The Stars of the 1970s

Course 7: The Classic Games

Course 8: The Stars of the 1980s

Course 9: The Stars of the 1990s

Course 10: Tradition

Course 11: The Stars of the 2000s

Course 12: The Key Dates

Course 13: The Stars of the 2010s

Course 14: Home, Sweet Home - Tempe