Gargoyle genitalia grosses out neighbors in Yavapai County

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PAULDEN, Ariz. -- There's a 9-foot statue causing a lot of drama in Paulden, Yavapai County.

David Smith is a master welder and spent years making his metal gargoyle.

“I built it a certain way and I like it like that,” said Smith.

Smith’s neighbor, Leon Bonner, also likes the lawn art.

“I think it’s outstanding,” said Bonner.

Others neighbors don’t like the statue but didn’t want to talk to 3TV.

It appears the problem has to do with the gargoyle's male genitalia.

“Everything has a sex so why would I do it any other way? I don’t like Ken dolls or GI Joes. I think they’re kind of silly,” said Smith.

Recently, two anonymous callers complained to county officials.

According to Development Services Director Steve Mauk, the gargoyle's not compatible with the neighborhood.

Officials say the gargoyle must be covered up or moved so neighbors can’t see it.

“What in this neighborhood fits in anywhere?  You look around and everybody’s individual and you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting art work," Smith stated.

The master welder says his first amendment rights are being violated. He will argue that point in front of the County Board of Supervisors in July.

Smith’s currently working on a second statue with a similar body part as the gargoyle.

Once the statue is finished, Smith plans on putting it in his yard too.