Zeus computer virus draining bank accounts

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PHOENIX --It turns out the six-year old ‘Zeus Trojan Horse’ virus has resurfaced and is wrecking havoc on millions of computers. The virus first showed up in 2007, but according to a recent report it has a new bag of tricks that's draining bank accounts

The virus is also causing problems for Facebook users. Apparently, cyber thieves are setting up fake Facebook pages and loading them with malicious links that can infect your computer.  All it takes is a single click and the crooks are in.

The virus will also silently monitor your online banking activity and record all of your keystrokes. Once they have your username and password they can empty your account.
Some users might be infected right now and not realize it. Data Doctors, computer experts here in the Valley, offer some tips to avoid becoming a victim. For instance, they suggest Facebook users should be careful accepting friend requests from people they don't know.
And always keep your anti-virus software up to date, which really helps out.