Cable barrier fence disrupts mobile home park

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Residents of a mobile home park near 31st and Grand avenue are furious after a cable barrier fence was installed near their home.

"I woke up and then I had this beautiful fence," said Julie Hansen.

The so-called beautiful fence that Hansen is talking about is a row of cement columns, all strung together with cable. It's a barrier that she says went up with no warning at all.

"The warning was, I woke up and it was here." said Hansen.

The new barrier is a problem because it's just a few feet in front of Hansen's mobile home and driveway, a drive way she can no longer access because the cable barrier makes it too tight to maneuver her car. As a result, getting in and out of her property is quite a task.

Hansen isn't the only tenant affected. Because of the new cable barrier dividing the property, trash dumpsters had to be relocated and placed in residents' parking spots. One woman tells 3 On Your Side she has no where to park now.

"That's not right because their taking parking spaces away," says Jannette Dykeman.

So, who would put such a barrier up to begin with and why? Well, the City of Phoenix says it wasn't them.

Turns out, the railroad claims it's had an issue for years with the mobile home park allowing their tenants to use the railroad's property, mostly for parking.

The railroad considered the use, trespassing.

In an email obtained by 3 On Your Side, a railroad official tells the City of Phoenix they tried to sell or lease the property to the park since 2009, but couldn't reach an agreement.

So, the railroad recently quit-claimed the small parcel of land to an investment company and they're the ones who put up that cable barrier, subsequently boxing Hansen and other residents into a tight spot.
"This was done without even thinking of us," says Hansen

The mobile home park didn't want to 3 On Your Side about the matter, but residents are going to have to get used to this cable barrier because the new land owner has every right to separate the property.