Peoria teen's failed pool jump draws Internet drama

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PEORIA, Ariz. -- It was the jump from the roof to the pool that wasn't.

While other friends of 19-year-old Nicole Easton have made the leap from her Peoria home before, last month Easton jumped for the first time, so she had her roommate film the moment.

She broke both of her heels with that hard landing, and she posted the video on YouTube to show close friends how she did it.

Easton talked Tuesday about her failed attempt and her mother's efforts that pushed Easton's fall across the Internet. Her mother created a fundraising web page. She said she was only trying to help.

"She really was! She meant so well," said Easton. 

Her mom Carrie Yunker created a GoFund page to raise money to help her daughter with bills and rent, now that she couldn't work. She lives in Show Low, and with loved ones spread out, she thought this was the easiest way.

"It was our friends and family trying to pull together to help Nicole out," said Yunker.

But the video got picked up online and some took what she said was a private plea as begging for the public to pay for her daughter's dumb idea.

"I'm accused of being a beggar, bad parenting, horrible things," Yunker said.

The comments rattled both women, and they've since taken the page down.

"[Commenters say] 'Well, it's your own stupid fault you jumped off the roof.' You're right! I chose to get on the chair, to get on with friends and jump from my roof! You're right. And I'm paying for my choices," Easton said.

And if any family or friends want to help, they can send money offline.

"We didn't mean for you to pay my bills, I can pay my bills," said Easton.

The women said this is another lesson for them, this time on the power of the Internet. 

Easton is currently in a wheelchair, and will be scheduling surgery soon.