4 Myths about women & sexual desire

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

1. Women are not as interested in sex as men.

All things being equal, women tend to be just as interested in sex as men. The difference lies in what I call the heterosexual dilemma. For most men, sex equals stress relief, yet most women need stress relief to get aroused. Women are working full time jobs, caring for their families, cooking, cleaning and running themselves ragged. Being stressed out makes it difficult for women to get into the mood for sex.

2. Women with high sex drives are the exception, not the norm.

Women are wired to have high levels of sexual desire when their hormones are balanced and they are in good emotional health and healthy relationships. However, women with aggressive, high sexual desires can result from abusive histories.

3. Approximately 43 percent of women suffer from sexual dysfunction.

Not even close. This myth is based on a study from 1999, when many women and their doctors were not talking as freely about sexual disorders. They still don’t, but based on my experience and recent studies, this number is probably closer to 70 to 80 percent.

4. The most common cause of female sexual dysfunction is low arousal.

Most women have no issue with blood flow or arousal states. The most common reasons women may not be feeling sexual are fatigue (especially in the child bearing years) and hormonal issues. Lack of desire can be due to low levels of testosterone (yes, women have it too), problems with communication, feeling a lack of closeness with their partner, side effects of medication or other mental or physiological health issues.

Good communication, stress relief and balanced hormonal health are important to women’s sexual health. If you’re suffering from low libido or other sexual issues, talk to your doctor.

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