Contractor walks off job, leaves home in shambles

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

SURPRISE, Ariz -- Cleaning his house with a borrowed vacuum cleaner is not exactly what Denis Chassot had in mind when he built his new home.  That's because he paid good money to have a central vacuum system installed.

"Wanted to do a central vac system in our house to make it easier instead of having to pull the vacuum up and down the stairs," said Chassot.

A non-working central vacuum system is just one of Chassot's problems.  He also paid money for a lot of other things like pre-wiring his home so an entertainment system and numerous security cameras could be installed. 

He thought he was in good hands but says he wasn't.

"The whole process has been frustrating I wish I didn't do it at all," Chassot remarked.

While his house was still under construction, Chassot hired a company called Sound Creations, which is run by a guy named Matt Florman. 

Florman advertised on the website Angie's List and claimed to be licensed, so Chassot felt comfortable paying Sound Creations in advance.

"So far to date I believe we've given Sound Creations over $3,000 total," Chassot said.

Florman wrote in emails that the central vacuum system and all the wiring should be fully finished by Sunday, November 18. 

In another email, Florman promised it would be finished by February 15, but here we are approaching June, and Chassot says nothing is close to being finished.  

And Florman, Chassot claims, has disappeared with his $3,000.

"I’ve been to his house and knocked on his door with his vehicle there and you hear people scuffling inside and they don't answer the door," said Chassot.

3 On Your Side tried numerous times calling Matt Florman but he never responded. 

3 On Your Side also went to Florman’s house, and although his car was parked outside, he never answered. And then, on another visit, he had his girlfriend answer.

As a result, Chassot is doing what he can go get his money back. 

He's filed a complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors and is hoping the agency takes action against Florman. 

But for now, Chassot remains out $3,000, and says his house is in shambles all because an unlicensed contractor abandoned the job.

"You know there's a whole in your ceiling, you know there's a hole in your closet, you know the upper doors in the office are laying in your closet against the wall where he left them, everyday you walk in and see that it just eats away at you little by little," stated Chassot.