Handy Household Gadgets to Have

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Don’t you just love a good “gadget” that actually does what it claims?  Well, if you look around my home, you’d know I love them.  But the one downside to being a lover of gadgetry is you can end up with a lot of duds.  So, here’s my customer service to you today – I’ve lived with several that I actually really like.   Here are five that you might want to pick up.  I’ve found all of them at Bed, Bath and Beyond  and the best part of gadgets is that they usually are pretty cheap.  Except for the Fruit Infusion Pitcher that costs $19.99, the others all come in at $9.99 or less.

Scrub Daddy
The Scrub Daddy has a unique story.  A man who wanted a better sponge created it.  It made its way to the TV show Shark Tank and has risen as a favorite kitchen-cleaning tool since then.  The magic lies in the way it transforms itself from a soft sponge when used with warm or hot water to a firm scrubber when submerged in cold water.  It’s cool enough that the kids might even want to pick it up and clean something.  Maybe?

Fruit Infusion Pitcher
I’ve seen these before, but succumbed to an impulse buy since I’ve been trying to drink less diet soda and more water.  Problem:  I don’t like plain water.  Solution:  Add some fruit flavor. This pitcher is designed to house cut-up fruit in an inner chamber and allows the essence of the fruit flavor to infuse the water.  The only mention here is that this works to wonderfully add a hint of flavor to water after an overnight timeframe.  Don’t expect full-fledged fruit juice or lemonade – remember it’s an essence of fruit flavor.  But I like it!  And, I have been drinking more water.

Stuffed Burger Press
I tested this out on Memorial Day and even though it is a little work intensive to make each stuffed burger, the family loved them.  We stuffed them with cheese and bacon pieces. But think of the possibilities – onion, veggie stuffed even stuffed with avocado.  Fancy burgers that unlike hand molded stuffed burgers don't come apart and leak.  Delightful!  
Read the directions carefully and you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

The Perfect Tortilla
My only “As Seen on TV” item here but if you like the uniqueness of those tortilla bowls for taco salad or chili – these really work.  They easily form and allow you to bake flour tortillas in about 7 minutes.  Fun and you get 4 in a box.

Cherry Pitter

Chef Chuck Wiley convinced me to buy one of these.  Cherry pits are a drag but cherry anything is delicious for summertime eating. These pit cherries perfectly for cobbler, pies, pancakes or a fruit infusion pitcher!  (See above!)  Plus, have to try it for olives – not sure but I’m experimenting with that next!

Remember find them all at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Enjoy!
Live and Learn.