Mebachi Tataki Lettuce Wraps & Serrano Chile & Lime Cured Salmon

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Mebachi Tataki Lettuce Wraps

1 head of boston lettuce
4oz of hearts of palm (if fresh is not available canned is fine)
8oz tuna
4ea large shrimp
sliced red onion as needed
sliced tomato as needed
sliced cucumber as needed

3oz soy sauce
1T sesame seed oil
rice vinegar to taste

wasabi mayonnaise (available from any asian market)

Brussel Sprout Slaw
2 c Brussel Sprouts (separated and washed)
¼ red onion (thin sliced)
½ carrot (shredded)
2 T dried cherry

¾ c mayo
1 T rice vinegar
¼ lime zest
salt and pepper to taste

Serrano Chile & Lime Cured Salmon with Avocado Puree  with Summer Salad

2lbs salmon
salt as needed
brown sugar as needed
2 limes
10 serranos
4oz mint
1 bunch cilantro

Avocado puree

2ea avocado (ripe)
salt to taste
lemon or lime juice to taste

summer salad

1ea fennel
1 asian pear
1/2c of bean sprouts
chopped chives
rice oil 1 table spoon
juice of 1 lime
fish sauce 1 oz