Ariz. Game and Fish officers injured in boating accident

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

LAKE PLEASANT, Ariz. -- Law enforcement maintained a huge presence on Lake Pleasant over the Memorial Day weekend in an effort to keep drunken boaters off the water.

While on patrol, three Arizona Game and Fish officers were thrown into the water after their boat somehow capsized.

One of the officers was strapped to a stabilizing board and taken to a waiting ambulance after being brought in by the city of Peoria's new fire-rescue boat. He's thought to have suffered head, neck and back injuries.

Another officer, Kevin Bergersen, who is in charge of the department's lake patrol, was fitted with a neck brace and was bleeding from a head injury but was able to walk to the ambulance on his own. 

A third officer was brought in by the crew of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Lake Patrol boat, which found the men floating in the water. He is also thought to have sustained a head injury but was able to walk on his own.

Micah White, a Game and Fish officer who was on another patrol boat, said the incident is under investigation and that it appears the men were not injured badly but were taken to a Valley hospital as a precaution.

Lake Pleasant is a popular spot for those looking to celebrate the first big holiday weekend of the year. 

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