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Chef Gabe Bertaccini- Tuscan Panzanella
Chef Gabe Bertaccini organizes and directs CULINARY MISCHiEF, Arizona's first invitation-only underground roving event featuring 30 guests, six course dinner and 6 paired wines both in Phoenix and L.A.  Visit or  call 480-295-0308.

Robert Black Fashion- Accessorize with Vintage Finds
For more information on Fashions by Robert Black visit  or call 480-664-7770. Models provided by Ford Robert Black Agency. Contact  or call 480-966-2537.

Mom Squad – Pick & Choose Your Battles with Your Kids
Jolyn Andrews, Mom Squad
Carole Folkert, Mom Squad
Kaley Tripi, Mom Squad
If you have a question or topic idea for our Mom Squad, send a message to or our “Your Life A to Z” Facebook page.

Live & Learn with Linda Davis –  Salt Shakin’
Check out Linda's column at

Roman Acevedo, ra Yoga- Cool Poses
For more information on ra Yoga visit or call 602-926-1207.

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God's Garden Treasures provides in-studio floral arranagements. Visit or call 480-603-7673.