3OYS Update: Premier Pools finally completes project

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- After falling nearly three months behind on a job, a Valley pool company made good on its promise to finish an overdue project for Gilbert family.

We first told you about Premier Pools & Spas last week. They were supposed to have completed work on the Campos family's backyard swimming pool in February. Fast-forward to mid-May, and Premiere still wasn't finished, but they put it in high gear after 3 On Your Side got involved.

"I'm so excited," Iliana Campos said. "Our whole family is so happy."

The sparkling pool the family has been waiting on for nearly six months is finally finished.

"We're so happy with the results and it's beautiful," Campos said.

But it wasn't always beautiful. Campos and her family started their backyard swimming-pool project back in September when they signed a nearly $34,000 contract with a company called Premier Pools & Spas.

The company broke ground on the new pool in January and according to Campos, work did progress.  She even paid off the project in advance but when she her final payment cleared, Campos says construction stopped.
"Since the end of February, and it's been sitting there since then and that's when we gave him the final payment," she told 3 On Your Side.

Campos says the job seemed abandoned, and that concerned her since the project was paid for. She said every time she called Premier Pools & Spas, the blew her off.

She turned to 3 On Your Side. We got involved to figure out what the holdup was.

Premier Pools & Spas acknowledged there were issues that had slowed them down and promised to pick up the pace.  After all, the pool was several months behind.

And just days after we got involved, the Campos family's pool was completely finished and they couldn't be happier.

"Memorial Day weekend is here and we're going to have a barbecue with friends and family so, we're very happy," she said.