Warm, breezy afternoons across the Valley

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- If you don’t adapt well to change, you’re in luck. Weather across the Valley will be pretty consistent through the end of the week and into your Memorial Day weekend.

Expect sunny, warm and breezy afternoons across Phoenix in the coming days as a ridge of high pressure hangs out over the Plains along with a trough of low pressure along the Pacific Northwest.

This setup will keep winds on the breezy side each afternoon, especially in northern Arizona. We’re not going to see any extreme heat as cooler air from that area of low pressure slightly influences the desert southwest, keeping most Valley locations in the mid to upper 90s through Monday.

For your Friday morning, expect a low in Phoenix of 72, with an afternoon high of 99. It looks like Saturday will be a carbon-copy day. Sunday, we may see a few high, thin cirrus clouds move into the picture and afternoon temperatures will cool a couple of degrees. We’re forecasting a high of 97 Sunday in Phoenix.

Temperatures Monday morning in the Valley should be pretty pleasant for any Memorial Day ceremonies. We’ll kick off the day in the upper 60s and low 70s. For those with grilling, boating, swimming or golfing plans, we’ll see a high of 94 in Phoenix.