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Mom Squad – Meet the New Moms
Leslie Allison
Hilary Brown
Beth Edgin
Janet Jorgensen
Suzy Junk
Marti Kasovac
Krissy Lenz
Laura Passmore
If you have a question or topic idea for our Mom Squad, send a message to or our “Your Life A to Z” Facebook page.

Chef Gabe Bertaccini- Pasta Alla Norma
Chef Gabe Bertaccini organizes and directs CULINARY MISCHiEF. For more information visit or call 480-295-0308.
Brittany Brannon, Host of Phoenix Fashion Week– Maxi Dresses and Ally Galicia Jewelry
For more information from Phoenix Fashion Show Week Host, Brittany Brannon visit

Pain Relief Today
Cory Yates, President
Pain Relief Today is currently providing an initial exam, diagnosis and creation of treatment plan—a $280.00 value—free of charge for the next 50 callers or those who request an appt on website. For more information call 602-374-4390 or visit .

Dental Center of Mesa-GALILEOS 3D Dental Imaging
Jonathan Kalika, D.M.D.
Dental Center of Mesa offers Free Consultation and 3D Scan. Call now to schedule, and receive $100 off first dental procedure. Visit or call 480-719-2613.

Restaurant Week- Arizona Restaurant Week/ Delicious Delectable Desserts
Bobby Fitzgerald, White Chocolate Grill    
To view more information and menus for Arizona’s Spring Restaurant Week visit or call 602-307-9134.

EnVoque M.D-Testosterone Revolution…why is it taking America by storm?
Jacqueline Olsen    
For more information on EnvoQueMD visit  or call 480-582-5045.

Phoenix FC Team- Climbing the ranks in AZ youth soccer…up to the professional level and Phoenix FC
Dave Robertson, Head Coach
Tommy Ramos, Midfielder    
For more information on Phoenix FC visit www. or call 602-795-6623.

Sandra Tenuto Photography- Getting Ready For Summer Beach Photos
Visit for more information on Sanda Tenuto Photography.

God’s Garden Treasures provides in-studio floral arrangements. Visit or call 480-603-7673.