Great uses for car wax

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- A good quality car wax can be used for lots of things around the house. Applying a quick coat of wax can make cleaning a breeze.

Here are some rules to follow.

  • Apply on surfaces between 55 and 85 degrees out of direct sunlight
  • Apply the wax to a soft cotton damp cloth and then apply to the surface
  • Remove with a clean soft cloth
  • Wax should be reapplied when water beading diminishes.

Places you can use wax in the home

Apply to the sink, shower surround (fiberglass and faux marble) glass shower doors. DO NOT apply to shower or tub floors it will make them super slippery.

Apply to chrome and metal surfaces in the bath to protect and make cleaning easier

Make sure surfaces are clean and dry when you apply the wax and rub on a small amount. Once it dries to a haze you can buff it off.

Metal surfaces
Apply to stainless steel, porcelain or any sink to keep clean. Apply to the outside of the grill to make it easier to clean. Be sure not to do in hot sun. This will protect from fingerprints, oxidations rust and the elements.

Patio furniture
Apply to metal, plastic or molded furniture to protect and add shine.

If you have laminate countertops like Formica® apply the car wax in a thin coat and buff when dry. It will protect the counter from stains and make it easier to clean.

Other uses
Kid’s bikes, toys, skate boards to protect and make cleaning easier.

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