UPDATE: Priceline refuses refund; resort steps up

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By Mike Gertzman By Mike Gertzman

PHOENIX -- Valerie Hill is much happier these days. 

"I was surprised. Actually, really surprised," Hill tells 3 On Your Side after learning her $200 debacle had been resolved.

You may remember Hill from a 3 On Your Side report last week when she was downright frustrated. In that report, Hill explained how she was out $200 after using Priceline.com to book a girls' weekend out with her sister.

At the time she explained, "Two sisters, hanging out. Eating, drinking. We're best friends. Laying out by the pool.  Maybe a massage."

Hill used Priceline's "name your own price," where consumers can bid on a resort and after locking in a credit card number, the name of the resort is revealed.
But, for Hill, naming her price backfired because Priceline put Hill and her sister at the luxurious Loews Ventana in Tucson.

That was a big problem because Hill's sister works at the resort, which has a strict policy about employees not vacationing where they work. 

Rather than risk her sister's job, Hill tried to explain the unusual situation to Priceline, which refused to move them to another resort or refund their $200.

A frustrated Hill said, "They must just be proving a point that they don't care about their customers."

However, Loews Ventana saw 3 On Your Side's report and decided to step up when Priceline wouldn't.

The resort felt so bad, that they're giving Hill and her sister a full weekend at the resort absolutely free.

In an email to me, a resort spokesperson  writes they would be happy to "bend their policy and give Hill and her sister a wonderful vacation experience."
Hill says it's a pleasant surprise and believes it says a lot about Loews Ventana. "We're excited and very happy. It is nice to see a company that cares like that still."

3 On Your Side would also like to thank Loews Ventana for resolving this issue. This was a problem that they were not responsible for, yet they took the initiative to make things right for Hill and their employee.