Seasonal weather continues

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX -- The high in Phoenix was 94 degrees on Saturday, though several areas around town stayed in the upper 80s during the afternoon.

We’re expecting slightly warmer temperatures on Sunday as our rather quiet weather pattern continues.

In northern Arizona, we saw some widely scattered showers north of I-40 on Saturday afternoon, but nothing really all that heavy. There is a continuing chance for isolated showers for the weekend in the mountains, but in the deserts, no chance for rain through Sunday.

Overall, the weather pattern has not shown any signs of the coming monsoon.

While the Arizona Monsoon season officially starts on June 15, none of the telltale signs in the atmosphere have really appeared to give us any early signs.

As a result, we’re tending to think either the monsoon rains will be late to arrive or we’ll see a very quick flip in the upper atmosphere that will bring the rains in “on time.”

Right now, we’re favoring a late arrival of the rains for metro Phoenix, which would be sometime in mid July.