Valley pool company promises to finish job

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GILBERT, Ariz. -- A Gilbert family wants to know why their swimming pool still isn't finished, even though it was supposed to have been completed months ago. 

The pool was supposed to ready to go back in February.  But it's now May and that pool still isn't done. So 3 On Your Side went to the pool company and asked, "what's the hold up?"

"We moved in this home back in 2011, it's perfect for our kids," said Iliana Campos.

Iliana says her Gilbert home is perfect, but the only thing missing for her and her family is a swimming pool.

“We enjoy our backyard we've always had a pool since we've lived in Arizona so we miss it," Iliana explained. 

So Iliana said she and her family saved up to have one built.

“The day came, we started shopping for a pool in September 2012, we started shopping around, we got like seven different quotes,” said Iliana.

Iliana decided to go with a company called Premier Pools & Spas and the entire project was going to cost around $34,000.

"In January 2013 on the 2nd they immediately came in and started digging the hole, once the hole was done we gave them the first 30 percent," said Iliana.

Thirty percent was right around $10,000. 

Once Iliana handed over the money, she says Premier Pools & Spas claimed it would take six to eight weeks to complete. 

Construction on the pool did progress and Iliana decided to pay off the entire balance early.  But that, she says, was a mistake because more than two months after paying it off, completion of her pool is still on hold.

"Since the end of February, and it's been sitting there since then and that's when we gave him the final payment," said Iliana.

Iliana says every time she calls Premier Pools & Spas she gets lip service about a completion date.

"Oh two weeks, three weeks, two weeks, three weeks, just excuse after excuse after excuse.”

Worried about all that money she handed over, and seeing an unfinished project, she contacted 3 On Your Side.
"I can't get any answers from them. I keep getting the run around, and I finally said I'm gonna type a letter to 3 On Your Side and hope I get an answer."

The owner of Premier Pools & Spas didn't want to talk on camera, but he acknowledged progress on Iliana's pool has been slow.  He said a number of factors contributed to the slow down, but promised 3 On Your Side he would get moving on Iliana's pool and even stated she would have a beautiful, sparkling pool in the next few days. 

Iliana says she'll believe it when she sees it.

"I just want my pool to be completed, that's all I'm asking for," she proclaimed.

We'll do a follow up next week and let you know if that pool was completed. In the meantime, Premier Pools & Spas sent a statement if you'd like to read the unedited version click below.


Statement from Premier Pools:

This is always the busiest time of the year with weather warming up and swim season upon us. Every day that a homeowner’s pool is not done feels like a week. We certainly appreciate this and do our best to move projects along as quickly as possible. However, our #1 priority is always the quality of the finished product -  not how quickly a project can get built. And I can assure you we deliver a finished product that is second to none.

We also work hard to service our pools and our customers long after the pool is complete.  

Unfortunately, as construction picks back up here in Phoenix – both new home and swimming pool - delays are inevitable and we cannot guarantee a completion date for any customer. 

We thank you for your time and look forward to seeing your follow-up piece showing the beauty and quality of the finished product.

Aaron W. Gurley
Premier Pools & Spas