Mayor Stanton takes to Light Rail to gather ideas for PlanPHX

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- If you want to learn about your city, go to the people who live in it. That's exactly what Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton did Friday morning.

He didn't walk the streets to get a glimpse, however. He hopped on the Light Rail and walked the trains to pick the minds of the pubic.

"Instead of doing a bunch of boring meetings with the same people, with the same ideas, why not go out to the people and get their ideas?" Stanton said. 

Some of the ideas? Make a better public transportation system.

"It takes me two hours to get to and from work every day because the bus schedule doesn't coincide with the Light Rail schedule" said retired Marine Alex Newton.

Stanton spoke with her and about 100 other people Friday to get their ideas and promote his Plan Phoenix initiative. The goal is to get get people involved in planning the city for the next 10 years.

"MyPlanPHX provides an opportunity for all residents to help shape the future of our city ...," reads.

"Their ideas are going to be put on an actual plan that's going to be voted on by the people of Phoenix," Stanton said. "That's going to be my guiding document as mayor in order to build the city that people want."

You can get involved through the MyPlanPHX website and keep up with the initiative via Facebook and Twitter.