Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Jodi Arias' cell isn't cushy

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PHOENIX -- On Thursday, America's self-proclaimed toughest sheriff, Joe Arpaio, was protecting his reputation.

Arpaio said he "wants to get the story straight" about something Arpaio claims he heard HLN's anchor Nancy Grace say on TV.

Arpaio said Grace called the Estrella Jail for women in Phoenix, "cushy".

Convicted boyfriend killer Jodi Arias is being housed in a cell alone at Estrella.

"This is not the Hilton Hotel," said the sheriff.

Arpaio invited 3TV into Arias' cell while she was in court on Thursday for the penalty phase of her trial.

I toured the cell and found it to be smaller than some closets.

Arias has several brown bags with possibly mail in them scattered around the cell. 

We're told she gets more mail than any other inmate.  Some of it hate mail.

She also has several legal sized envelopes and newspapers. TV isn't allowed in her new POD, which is strictly for maximum security inmates. 

Arias is locked in her cell for most of the day except for one hour when she can make phone calls and shower.

Jail staffers are on guard 24-7 watching over the seven inmates in this POD.  There's no talking amongst each other.

The Sheriff said Arias has been a pretty good inmate during the four years she's been here.

She's had one minor violation for something to do with crayons, but Arpaio didn't elaborate.

If inmates misbehave in jail they're served bread and water for a week.

3TV reached out to Grace's handler who said she would look into Arpaio's accusations.

As of airtime we heard nothing.

If Arias gets the death penalty she will be taken directly from court to the Perryville Women's prison in Goodyear.