Trends in wedding registries and dresses

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

Unique wedding registries for couples to consider

PHOENIX -- With most couples living together before marriage, household items such as a toaster or crockpot generally aren't needed. And we've all been told asking for cash is tacky, so here are three unique registries to ensure you (The Bride & Groom) get everything you need and want on your wedding day!

· Hatch My House: Design a house and start saving toward a down payment, renovations or home decor in a fun and interactive way. In five simple steps you and your finance will be on your way to creating your dream home.

o Fun Fact: The average price of a wedding gift is $12 more on Hatch My House than the industry average ($125 vs. $113). The average number of gifts for a wedding (industry-wide) is 70, which means that couples could save $8,750.00 toward their future home using Hatch My House as their wedding registry!

· Honeyfund: List the parts of your dream honeymoon--think airfare or hotel rooms -- and your guests will feel more involved in the gift giving process. You can even add non honeymoon related gifts.  Think outside the box like Bridal Gown Preservation, Bordering of Pets, and Parking Fees at Airport.

· I Do Foundation: I Do Foundation was founded in 2002 by a group of nonprofit leaders to link engaged couples with charitable choices for their wedding. By working closely with corporate and nonprofit partners, they've established a host of ways for couples to celebrate generously™. 

Tips when creating any gift registry

Create more than one registry.  No more than four and no less than two. This makes selecting gifts easy for everyone whether they choose to go online or in store.

Keep your registry manageable. Keep your registry at a manageable size, consider your guests' means and, in return, your guests will thank you.

Be true to yourselves.  If you will use a 12-person china set, then please register for it. If you're big campers, feel free to add items you'll use in your life together.