A Philadelphia Eagle has a message for the IRS

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By Brad Denny By Brad Denny

Social media can be the perfect medium to get your thoughts, feelings, and opinions to the world instantly. Or, in the case of a local bakery, it's a quick road to infamy. One NFL player is using his accounts to make a bit of a political statement.

Evan Mathis, a starting guard for the Philadelphia Eagles, has never been one to watch what he says. He once called the team's fanbase "idiots" for wanting then-head coach Andy Reid fired, but now it is Mathis' actions, not words, that has gained him attention.

Mathis has not taken kindly to the recent IRS scandal, and took a trip to an IRS building, and sent this Instagram photo via his Twitter account, with the caption "Audit this". 

When a Twitter follower said that the public could "count on" an apology from Mathis, the Eagle replied "How high are we counting?".

As of now, there has been no official word from the Philadelphia Eagles or the pose photo.