Pregnant woman concerned after witnessing light rail argument

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PHOENIX --  A Valley woman is concerned by an argument she witnessed on the light rail, and would like to see more security added.

Brianne Geiger was riding home on Tuesday when two men began yelling at each other.  She was trapped in the middle, and couldn't get to the emergency button. 

To make maters worse, she was between stops, and is pregnant. 

"It just kept escalating. They were cursing, swearing," said Geiger.

The men never actually got into a physical altercation, but nevertheless, it was still disruptive. 

Cell phone video obtained by 3TV shows the argument. 

"Especially being pregnant, the whole time I was thinking 'God, I hope this gentleman doesn't have a gun.'  He didn't look like he was all there to begin with," said Geiger.

No security was on that train, but the light rail does have personnel spread out to make sure people pay their fare, and to call police if necessary. 

"We recommend a couple of things for folks who maybe feel uncomfortable in their surroundings.  They can call 911 if they have a cell phone, move to another car, or get off at the next stop.  Safety is our priority," said Valley Metro spokeswoman Hillary Foose.

Valley Metro didn't have statistics on incidents on short notice, but no one was hurt during the argument Geiger witnessed. 

The men finally stopped, and got off the train. 

A police report was filed the next day, but at best, it's likely a case of disorderly conduct.