Beauty Product Packaging Put to the Test

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The last time I did this topic I got a great response from the viewers and from the producers of our show, so I have decided to do one of these every quarter. Beauty companies put a lot of marketing and planning into how the products are packaged, so as consumers we get a lot of fancy packaging to choose from on the crowded drug store shelves. But does this pretty packaging always mean that that product is high quality? I put some to the test and I also asked Walgreens beauty expert, Bianca which products deliver on the packaging and on the product's effectiveness. I just love some of the stuff that she showed me and I also found some items that don't deliver, too. So read on as I try to help you stay on your beauty product budget.

Packaging That Delivers *Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Crayon ($7.99 at Walgreens) -- With the built-in, pull out sharpener that is housed at the end of this eyeliner crayon, this is an example of smart and convenient packaging that consumers appreciate. The eyeliner works great, too. *Revlon Nail Art Expressionist Nail Enamel ($8.99 at Walgreens) -- Bianca tells me that customers love this polish line for several reasons. They like the packaging that gives a base color on one end and a skinny brush on the other end with a decorative color that can be used to draw fun designs on top of the base coat. Bianca has also heard from countless customers that this container has been dropped and never breaks. It is made of glass, so we aren't making any promises that it can't be broken, but her customers tell her that time and time again, when dropped the shape of the container rolls instead of breaks. Lastly, they like how the packaging is also travel friendly, so this line gets an A+ for both quality and the packaging. *Revlon SL Lipstick ($4.39 at Walgreens) -- Bianca tells me that Moms love this lipstick because it not only works great, but if kids get a hold of it and roll the tube, the color inside won't run into the top of the container. Open up the top and it rolls up as expected, but when it is closed the lipstick tube locks and color inside stays put. I bet a Mom thought of this idea. Love it!

*Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System ( The full system retails for $195, and each booster kit is $50at Nordstrom, Ulta & other retailers) -- This product was tested by me and I like the packaging and the product. The system comes with a soft and reusable mouth tray that whitens the top, bottom, back, front and in between teeth all at once. The system is very simple to use and it is recommended that it be used for 5 minutes, twice a day for five days for the best results. This is an easy at-home teeth whitening product that has interesting packaging that ended up being easy to use. I give this one a thumbs up.

Pretty & Packaged To Teach *Eye Doll Chatter Eye Shadow Kit & Eye Doll Chatter Full of Kisses Lip Gloss Set ($25 each at -- Eye Doll Chatter ( is a new USA made interactive line of all-natural (paraben-free, talc-free, dye-free, cruelty-free) mineral makeup kits for tweens and teens to build their own colorful, scented eye shadows and lip glosses. Each of these adorable “it kits” come with six different components that can be layered for a custom look or worn alone. The lip kits come with a selection of three botanical-based, lightly colored glosses, perfect for a hint of color and shine! Plus, they can share their lip and eye shadow creations via text, Facebook or Twitter thanks to Eye Doll Chatter’s free iPhone app.

Packaging From Companies That Listened To Consumers *Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lipcolor ($11.49 at Walgreens) & Cover Girl Blast FipStick (3.99 at Walgreens) -- I have heard from both Bianca and Professional/Celebrity Makeup Artist Karen Hall that the Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lipcolor truly delivers. Bianca also tells me that customers love it, but don't love that they have to pack and keep up with two different lipstick tubes. So Cover Girl still offers the popular Outlast, but the line has also come up with the Cover Girl Blast FlipStick that houses two bendable lipsticks on one easy to pack stick. One side offers a shimmer shade, while the other has a crème shade. Both colors can be blended to create a unique look. And both the Outlast and the FlipStick are customer favorites. *L'Oreal Visible Lift Smooth Absolute Foundation -- Here is an example of a packaging idea that was not embraced by customers, so it is being discontinued. L'Oreal is a great brand, so I'm pleased to see that they pay attention to their customers' likes and dislikes. The problem with this base is that the brush applicator is impossible to keep clean, so kudos to L'Oreal for hearing that complaint and doing away with it.

Packaging Pans *Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation ($10.49 at Walgreens) -- This one is interesting because it performs well, but the packaging is misleading. The thick skin colored lid looks like it is the product, but unfortunately this foundation is all lid and little product once opened and for over $10, customers expect more base for their money. *Goody QuikStyle Absorbent Microfiber Bristles Brush ($10.99) -- This is another interesting one because when it first launched, I showed it as new beauty product that I liked because the microfiber bristles help to dry hair faster since water is absorbed. That part I like, but since the brush can't be thrown into a washing machine, some gals have told me the brush creates mildew and that isn't a good thing.

Hit or Miss Packaging *Almay Oil Free Makeup Eraser Sticks ($5.99 at Walgreens) -- Some gals I know love this product and others not so much and it is all based on the packaging. Here's why...the sticks look like and operate like Q-tips filled with makeup remover and some gals like the ease of removing makeup with the handy sticks. However others tell me that they dislike how the makeup remover is released. To dispense the oil-free formula, one must snap off the end and then the remover oozes out onto the opposing tip. Some women find this a little messy. So this is one of those hit or miss products that is based on a packaging technique that some like and some dislike. My personal opinion is that I don't mind the dispensing technique because I like how travel-friendly this product is for both me and for my daughter.

What are your picks and pans when it comes to a beauty product and how it is packaged? I would love to hear from you, so leave a comment here or talk to me at Happy beauty shopping.