Amy's Baking Company owners go from reality TV to Internet infamy

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Samy and Amy Bougzalo By Mike Gertzman Samy and Amy Bougzalo By Mike Gertzman

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Their debut on reality TV didn't go so well, but it's the Internet aftermath that's really burning Amy and Samy Bougzalo.

They own Amy's Baking Company and took part in a restaurant reality show that aired this month.

People by the thousands began blasting the couple on their Facebook page for their bad behavior. It appears Amy let them have it right back in profanity-laced rants.

The posts captured nationwide attention Tuesday, so we went to the restaurant and walked up to find Samy shooing away gawkers who wanted to see the pair for themselves.

"This is opening fire. This is Internet war!" he told them.

Samy's fighting spirit seemed to support the angry rants shared on their page. The couple sat down with us to say they've been hacked!

"I went onto our Facebook and I saw these posts and I freaked out," Amy said. "I said, 'Oh my God!' I freaked out. I tried to delete them and I couldn't."

"We have the FBI, we're working with Pinal County Sheriff's Department and Scottsdale Police Department ... they've been wonderful," she said.

She maintains she did not write any of the updates, other than the positive ones thanking the restaurant's supporters. Amy said Tuesday afternoon she was able to delete some of those vulgar Facebook posts. Commenters, of course, are doubting that story.

The couple closed down their business Tuesday as they tried to clean up their online accounts. They're remaining focused on a positive future and, clearly, there's still plenty of interest in what these two are serving.

"Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I'll be open again -- 5 o'clock!" Samy said.

In many of the comments, people are calling Amy a criminal. She does have a record. She pleaded guilty to bank fraud in 2003. We asked her about her past and she didn't hide it. She said she was already judged, served her time and she's moved on.

The couple thanked their regular customers for their continued support.

On Wednesday, Amy's Baking Company announced in a press release that they would be hosting a grand re-opening on Tuesday, May 21.

Amy and Samy said they will also likely hold a press conference prior to the re-opening to "answer falsehoods about their business depicted on a reality show."

Amy and Samy plan to donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity organization that brings awareness to cyber bullying.

To read the full press release click here.