Tenants heated about 100s with no A/C

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland
By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX -- On the hottest day of the year so far, residents at a Valley apartment complex are burning mad about their air conditioning being broken for three weeks now.

Residents at the Woodbridge Apartments near 19th and Glendale avenues told 3TV that management has done nothing to fix the problem. 

Jennifer Pearce, a resident at the apartment since last fall, said she first complained on May 2.  Holding the documented proof of her complaint, she said she's still waiting for a permanent fix to the problem.

"This is unlivable," Pearce said.

Pearce is even more frustrated about the situation than most because her 19-year-old daughter has a rare medical condition that is exacerbated by heat.

"She can pass out and go into seizures.  Nobody's here to help her [while I'm at work]," Pearce said. "She could die from it."

The apartment did provide Pearce and some of the other residents with a small window A/C unit.  A thermometer showed the temperature just 10 feet away from the unit was still 86 degrees.  The daytime temperature in the main bedroom was a stifling 95 degrees despite the portable A/C unit.

3TV made several attempts to approach management about the problem.  Each time reporter/camera crews were told to leave.

"No one can talk to us about the air conditioning problem?" I asked two apartment workers in the leasing office.

"Nothing, please leave now," said one of the workers.

"Can you confirm it's been about three weeks [since anyone had A/C]?" I pressed.

"Please leave," said the worker before slamming the door.

Later, a woman who residents said was the property manager told 3TV:

"It doesn't matter who I am.  Get off my property, now. Get off the property."
This isn't the first time A/C trouble has gotten Woodbridge in hot water.

Last August, the Phoenix Neighborhood Services cited Woodbridge for hundreds of code violations, including flooding, dead animals and, yes, air conditioning.

Current tenants said they wish they had known about the problems before moving in.

"To have a human staying in these conditions and still be paying rent, it doesn't make sense to me," said Erik Furlong, a resident living at Woodbridge for several months now.

Pearce said she's tired of trying to make sense of it and won't be trying to do so any longer.

"I'm movin'. I'm out of here," said Pearce.
The property owner, HK Realty Inc. out of Los Angeles, didn't immediately return phone calls from 3TV.