Residents still locked out of Tempe's W6 Tower

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Dozens of people who pay big bucks to live in a condo complex touted as luxurious are instead living in hotels for the fourth night in a row.

The W6 towers in Tempe were evacuated and deemed uninhabitable by the Tempe Fire Department after flood damage caused by a broken water pipe shorted out the building’s electrical system on Wednesday morning.

Friday night, tower management told 3TV that residents were possibly going to be allowed back in sometime over the weekend.  On Saturday, residents told 3TV they were hearing either Monday or Tuesday.

“I just went up [to my unit] now and I found that my fridge was open, they had unplugged everything and taken out all my food and turned off the electricity and it looks like there's still a lot of damage to the building,” said Annica Benning, an 11th floor resident who had been allowed back in to get some belongings.

Benning confirmed a statement from management that said residents were being put up in hotels and offered food vouchers while they’re out of their homes.

Security wouldn't allow 3TV into the building to ask management about resident concerns on Saturday afternoon.  However, a contract electrician crew working on Tower One, where the main damage happened, told 3TV that the electrical problems were a mess.

Video posted to Youtube this week showed the complex’s gym ceiling dripping as if it were raining on treadmills and other expensive weight room equipment.

Saturday night several lights could be seen shining in the windows of Tower Two.  However only small glimmers of light on two separate floors could be seen glowing from Tower One.