911 Calls contradict father's story about 3-year-old son who wandered off in Peoria

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

PEORIA, Ariz. -- On the end of a 911 call to Peoria Police is a panicked father, realizing his 3-year-old son is not where he left him.

"He must have crawled out of his crib, I swear to God...this never happens...I'm sorry," the man told the 911 Operator. 

The time is 9:12 pm, Friday, May 3. 911 operators try to figure out when the toddler could have wandered off, and the father says he put the boy in his crib at 6pm that night.

But that doesn't match 911 records. They show more than five and a half hours before his call, long before 6pm, someone found his son, about a half dozen houses down the block. That woman was Janet Gutierrez. Her neighbor spotted him first.

"She was like, 'Oh my gosh, is that a little boy?' So he was like just dancing in the street," she said. 

He was shoeless, in a soiled diaper and the 3-year-old couldn't tell them his name or point out his house.

"We had him for a good hour, and everybody was knocking door to door, nobody claimed him." said Gutierrez. 

Police even knocked on the door of the boy's parents, but either nobody answered, or no one was home.

The toddler is now in CPS custody, and Guitierrez is hopeful the boy's father will be charged.

"Yes I am, because anybody that has children, your child comes first," she said.

Peoria Police recommended charges of neglect and child endangerment. It'll be up to the Maricopa County Attorney to prosecute.