3 On Your Side helps deliver shutters

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By Andrew Michalscheck By Andrew Michalscheck

GILBERT, Ariz. -- A Gilbert woman says she paid for window shutters and never got them.

Katie Krietemeyer is proud of her new home.

"We moved in in August. We loved how open it was, the space was really open. It actually has a basement," said Krietemeyer.

And with that big, open space comes big, open windows that needed to be covered.

“It is an east-west facing house so we knew that we needed to have window coverings cause it gets really warm," said Krietemeyer.

Krietemeyer wanted shutters similar to the ones that already cover her back windows.  So she contacted a company called Casa Arizona Shutters & Blinds.

“He came out to measure them the end of December and gave us a five to eight week estimate for delivery and installation," Krietemeyer explained.

Krietemeyer says she was willing to wait up to eight weeks for the shutters, and even handed over a $500 deposit to get things started. But eight weeks came and went and the shutters had yet to arrive.

“At 12 weeks, I contacted him and chatted and that was the last time I actually talked to him.  He said they'd be in, in the next week that we'd be in contact," said Krietemeyer.

Krietemeyer says she started worrying when she lost contact with Casa Arizona Shutters & Blinds.

Remember, she already handed over $500.

"Without that communication, I don't know where my money's at, if my job's getting finished or if it hasn't been started,” Krietemeyer said.

3 On Your Side got involved and got a hold of Frank Delgado who runs the business. 

He said he had a family emergency and was out of the country, but promised he would get the shutters completed.

And just days after 3 On Your Side contacted him, the shutters were delivered and installed.

“We’re really grateful for Channel 3. We love our new shutters that just got put in so we’re grateful to have them in and the process all complete," said Krietemeyer.