Ispod Peka (Under the Iron Bell)

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2 lamb shoulders with ribs Attached
All-natural lamb, free range, grass fed
One whole chicken all-natural, cage free, Hormone free, Antibiotic free Two pieces all natural veal from the hind shank cut large. Again all natural, free range
6 Whole Yukon Gold potatoes washed peeled and how
4 Carrots washed and cut lengthwise
10 whole garlic cloves smashed
4 Whole sweet vidalia onions cut in half and peeled Generous authentic hand harvested sea salt, cracked pepper, and extra-virgin olive oil

Trim the lamb shoulders of all fat and silver skin.  Marinate with rosemary olive oil sea salt and crushed garlic cloves overnight.  Using only authentic mesquite charcoal,  Light a large pile until the Charcoal turns white.
Remove the white charcoal to a surrounding space And set the roasting pan with all of the ingredients mixed on the exact spot where the charcoals were ignited. Cover with the iron bell and gently scoop that white charcoal to cover the iron bell.  Slow roast for 3 to 4 hours, replenishing white charcoal as needed for a slow steady roast.  Turn your meets as needed and increased heat during the last 15 minutes of cooking for a nice crispy finish.

Serves eight people